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05.07.2013 , 12:48 PM | #11
Bolster is weird but if you simply assume that PvP gear is good and wear Partisan you wouldn't have any problem either. There are only 4 slots where it's feasible to use rating 152 gear, and 3 of those are parts where you shouldn't get Partisan to begin with (implants X 2 + earring).

I ran more various assortment of gear and found that wearing all low end PvE gear results an expertise in the range of 199X-200X. This is usually somewhere around 59.3% to 59.7% modifier. So it looks like PvE gear in general gives slightly less expertise but for the sake of simplicity there's really no point to dwell on a 0.3%-0.7% when you're trying to just trying to get enough gear to be competitive.

I reran my test and found that wearing Black Market earring over the random blue earring (Microfilament whatever that grows on trees) result a loss of 40 expertise for +13 aim, +10 endurance, and +7 power. 40 expertise is worth about 1.2% modifier, and it should be pretty obvious those stats aren't going to give you 1.2% more HP or DPS at all. So Black Market is terrible even compared to random PvE gear that grows on trees, let alone Partisan which is still slightly better.

I have not amassed rating 156 (purple 66) gear to test, but looking at the Black Market case, I suspect the expertise drop off must occur when item rating exceeds Conqueror (rating 154) and if it's consistent, then there's no way it could be worth it to use purple 66. It'd create a rather ironic situation where purple 66 is worse than blue 66 for PvP, but since Black Market is definitely inferior to Microfilament (equivalent of blue 66) for PvP, that's not as crazy as it sounds.