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Also, Soa is the only Ops boss I am missing to get my Aratech Fire and I have spent hours upon hours trying to find a group to run Eternity Vault so I can get it, but no one seems interested and without GF, it doesn't seem like I will ever complete this.
Well, all I can offer there, is.... if you are on Jedi Covenant, I will gladly run Eternity Vault with you either Imperial or Republic side.

If not, your best bet, is to get on fleet on primetime on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and either post in general chat that you are looking for a SM EV run..... Problem is, the people that CAN queue for it, won't want to miss out on their GF coms for running it.... So if you need an SM EV, and you are 55, you are pretty much screwed. Which sucks, because SM EV can be cleared in around 35-45-minutes.

After reset there are usually people running Hard Mode EV for the [WEEKLY] Classic Operations for the Ultimate Commendations. Which is the real kicker as far as I am concerned.... That weekly, grants coms that you can ONLY use for level 55 gear (Verpine) yet when you are level 55, you CANNOT use the GF to find a team to do it.

Really wish we could get some sort of Dev response here.... This really is ridiculous, and penalizes people who are not in active guilds. I usually don't have a problem getting my weekly runs in, but that is mostly because I have active guilds both Imp and Pub side that do faceroll guild runs each week.
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