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Somehow, the "Why do I get the feeling we're about to add 'battle station demolitionist' to our resumes?" line always cracks me up. It's just such a long-winded way of saying "You actually want us to blow Hammer Station up?" Bonus points if your character does the "grimace and wave hands in front of chest" gesture while saying it.

Also the "You = great Republic hero! \\ Socialization circuits = overheating!" or something like that. Heck, 95% of what the astromech droids say is very amusing. The "You = hurry to Carrick Station + teach Mandalorians manners" is another one.

Then there's also when you defeat the final antagonist of the Trooper storyline on Corellia, and choose to shoot him. A Republic trooper squad comes in and says (paraphrased):
"Major! We've come in to assist you in taking down your target!" *notices dead body*
"Oh..." *points at body* "Is that...him?"

For the Imp side, there's the line "I bet Imperials would taste pretty good with a little gaucho sauce" which makes the Imp say "You aliens just think you're so funny, do you?" Ah...the Imps' disdain for aliens...