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05.06.2013 , 11:52 PM | #105
Applied last week and going through the process.

The most unique recruitment process I've ever been through. The interview questions are all over the map and have little to do with your level of uber game experience. This added an interesting flavor to the process kind of like Sweet Tarts on your Rice Krispees. Some of the questions are a little weird but I am weirder still so this was a fun little mini game in itself. So far the people in Pax seem to care a great deal about Pax and this is encouraging. The degree of structure through out the Pax organization is mind blowing . Someone put a lot of thought into what they've been doing over the last 11 years and again this is encouraging. Over all I wouldn't call the process put offish or annoying it's been fun. If however you're looking for a quick invite to a random big guild and don't care who it is you should probably keep looking. I say that because It seems these people really care about how they are viewed in the gaming community.