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Quote: Originally Posted by Thundergulch View Post
All I see is QQ.
Join a guild, stop trying to pug everything.
You choose to not be in one, therefore you're limiting yourself.. and then you want them to change it because YOU are too lazy to be in a guild.
A guild would not help my wife and I nor the 2 other people from another guild....

The guild I am in, no one got to that part, so no one could help. The other 2 players, from a larger guild, including the GM, also had no others in the guild that was at that point. It was by luck we met up at the same point.... However, finding people to group with, should not rely on luck.

This is not a typical H4 and its not repeatable and it can only have players that actually are at that point.... He is not being lazy, he has a VALID POINT!