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Hey everyone,

I wanted to give an update on the Revan “double hood” issue. After some investigation we realized that this was a display bug with the armor, as some have pointed out it isn’t intended to have the double hood. However, after discussing it, our current plan is to not fix the armor. Now I am sure you are asking why we would decide to not fix a bug and here is why.

One thing we have to remain very sensitive of when changing armor is that once we have implemented it in the live game, players grow attached to it. Although there may be some who are frustrated by the appearance not being 100% canonical, we have to be very sensitive to players who do actually enjoy the current appearance of the armor in the game. An example of this would be when we made changes to a few armor sets, such as the Spymaster’s set, due to display bugs. After making those changes players were understandably upset that we had now changed the appearance of an armor set which they had paid for, we want to make sure to not replicate this issue again.

I know there will be some of you who are unhappy about our choice to not adjust the double hoods but fear not, we are not making this decision lightly. In fact, we are going to continue to monitor this as we move forward. If we see a substantial number of players in favor of changing the double hoods, then we will do so but please understand that if we make this change in the future we will not be releasing a “classic” version of the Revan’s armor (as it exists now).

You guys have done so well with the other iconical characters in making their sets as close as possible in and all of their cases, so close that we barely hear a peep about anything with them.

Then the ONE, most iconical character to the series, you really do butcher and beat it to the ground.

Does the look have it's one flare? Sure it does. But with 2.1 I can completely mimic that set with another easily obtainable set in the game. Can I fix a design bug to it? Nope, that's on the devs.

You are trying to aviod the "mistake" you made last time with having to introduce classic sets, because "understandably" people got use to the look of the bugged versions with some even buying them for their bugged look, and here you are just flipping the side in which you are going to make angry.

What about those that bought them to have them, assuming in good faith that you would fix the bug that was NEVER intended?

This by far seems more like a, "We honestly already made our money off of Revan's robes and don't feel like spending the money or man power to fix it like we did before." Why does it sound like this? Because the logic in the decision you posted just doesn't make sense. Last time the bug made some people mad so we fixed. Then it made others mad who liked the bug version so we had to put it back for them too. So rather then making everyone happy this time, we're just going to leave 50% mad and say sorry....

The fact that you couldn't even put a cape on Revan's Robes was disappointing enough. The hood bug was added spit to the eye. Now this is a HUGE let down in my personal opinion.
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