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05.06.2013 , 11:18 AM | #103
I'm a current recruit with Pax Imperius/Dominus (Rambro), and the process has been enjoyable. The Q&A process is great, imo, and shows their interest in getting to know you as a person as opposed to just "Hey, you have this much experience with this? You like this? You're a tank? Oh, cool. We need one. Here ya go, you're a member now. Until you flake out and disappear."

Officers try to include as many people in events as possible, ops included, and although not possible to do exactly that, they do try. Even when officers are away due to either family or whatever reason may be, other members step up to attempt to follow through on the event.

Overall, Pax has been a great place so far. It's a great, relaxed and active community that participates in more than just SW:TOR. I've only interacted with the sw:tor community so far, but it's a great group of folks.