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Obviously we are at 50 since we are doing hardmodes. You don't have to spacebar through everything to be at 50 by now if you've played a lot since the first day of early access. It's not that we can't do anything else, as much as it's the fact that a big part of the game, end-game dungeons is not even working. They are not glitchy or lack content, they are not present at all.
You should be happy, if everyone was as slow as you then you'd get to 50 and you would discover, with all the other fan-boys that come with the same ****** argument, that half the end-game content is unaccessable.
Yea god forbid I have a job that I go to. Damn shame that I can't sit at home all day playing the game and have to be a responsible adult. I'm level 30 FYI. I have scheduled time off next week for Christmas Vacation and I suspect I'll hit 50 by the end of my vacation period. So, yes, I did expect people to hit 50 fast. What I didn't expect people to do was hit 50 and then continue to whine about lack of end-game. You rushed there, now you see that 50 has lack of content.

If it's buggy, report it and move on and do something else, like I stated in my other post.

Also...Congratulations. Ad hominem eh? Just cause I don't agree with you, or because I value my job over a game doesn't make me a fanboy. Such a stupid term. Overused by a majority of people who really have no place using it. So if I like Bioware/SWTOR I'm a fanboy? Mature viewpoint there sonny.
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