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Hello The Ebon Hawk!

Your eyes didn't deceive you. Yes! It's happening. It's really happening!!

Your very favorite-est Jerc in the Galaxy is bringing back your very favorite-est weekly intra-Galactic throwdown: The JFFC!

It's really true. Someone tell Bromontana that he can dry his tears and re-up his sub.

That's right. This Friday, Jerc the Desert-comber's Tattoinian Zombie Hutt Cocktail Lounge returns to the dessicated wastes of the planet we all love to hate: Tattoine!

See! Incredible bouts of single combat!

See! A bacchanal of the strangest cast of characters in the outer rim!!

See! Fortunes made and lost

See! The horrendous and bizarre effects of Jerc's famous cocktail: The Tusken Trollop

For you scrubs and noobs who have been living under wampa excrement (excrement means "poo", Baarf) for the last millenium, Jerc's Friday Fight Club is a laid back slamfest in The Outlaw's Den. There is no structure. You call someone out, and fight em in the Pit. Or not in the Pit. Wherever you agree to do your thing. Betting is optional. Smacktalk is encouraged. Winning is ... reserved only for the best.

There is a basic level of respect that has been traditionally shown at the JFFC: don't mess with folks who are in a duel. Don't attack groups. Don't be an ***. If you don't abide by this basic law of the JFFC, Jerc will not mix you drinks. And <Hex> and pals will send you to the respawn...over, and over, and over, and over .......

Join Jerc and His Fortunate Friends in The Outlaws Den this Friday at 4pm EST! Our TeamSpeak 3 server will be opened to the entire community!
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