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ich frag im chat erstmal ob ich raten darf dass der "tank" hauptsächlich pvp spielt und erst seit kurzem versucht zu tanken. antwort= eigentlich nicht.
Das erinnert mich an etwas :

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You might be a PvPer if...

23. Know how to counter every single spec, but for the life of you don't know any boss strategies in Ops.
24. You feel strange if you stop moving while fighting a mob.
25. You haven't done a flashpoint or operation since 1.4
26. The few times you run flashpoints the healer yells at you and says to stay still when attacking mobs.
27. You get knocked back 3 times in a row in PvE and scream that Resolve is broken.
48. You kept dying in level 38 class quests because you were still wearing the level 20 PvP gear.
53. Your instinctive AOE use on packs causes FP rage. You say "my bad". Then do it again. And again...
54. You try to CC bosses.
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