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Please dont post crap like this. It just sounds bitter and adds nothing to the topic. I myself am not 50 but I do agree with the OP, this needs to be changed.

Bioware isn't going to do anything about it if we say nothing. Im fine if OP space bar'd to 50. That means this might get sorted out by the time I hit 50
First off, I'm allowed to voice my opinion. It's ridiculous when people rush to 50 and then complain about nothing to do.

I recall them saying hard mode would be in the game(which it is-Black Talon has hard mode), I don't recall them guaranteeing every flashpoint would have hard mode by the 2nd day of "official launch". (Which today is only the 2nd day of the game being officially released) If you can provide it in writing then I'll back off.

Secondly, he (OP) stated that they were able to get into the hardmode by doing "workarounds" and then he complained that his workaround caused him to crash. No surprise there, if you are doing a complicated series of interactions with a game engine in order to circumvent an already apparent error, it shouldn't come as a surprise that you will bug out.

Essentially if you want to get into semantics he should have filed a bug report and gone on to do something else. Instead I highly suspect that his "workaround" probably involved exploiting (By the technical definition of exploiting) some game mechanic to bypass whatever bug/filter was preventing him from entering hard modes for the other flashpoints.
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