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I'm using the first parts (which seem to be the "family names" on Zahn's books) from Timothy Zahn's books. So my chiss are Mitth'iri'arree (core name Thiria), Chaf'int'ryale (Core name Fintry), Chaf'inj'anell (core name Finja), Kres'afy'raklea (Core name Safyr), Prard'afl'eldea (core name Dafle) and Mitth'arr'oani (core name Tharro).

I'm usually just making up the last part since in Zahn's work, I don't see chiss having the same last part of their name. Quite the opposite, actually: Ar'alani should have no ties to any ruling family whatsoever, and I always took it that the "ar" was trying to be the middle part of the name and alani was the ending, and the first part was missing because of the fact that she didn't have anything to do with any of the ruling families. That, of course, wouldn't explain why her "middle" part only had 2 letters instead of 3, but it was anyway how I understood it.

Not to mention that we have limited amount of letters to name our characters with, so anything with the ending as long as i.e. nuruodo would be hard to make.