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Worst advice ever, why not: "Don't play this game!" instead?
Besides, probably 99,999% of players rushes to get to lvl 55, is it bad? Maybe, but that always happens in any gear grinding game, why bother spending hours for a gear that you are going to discard 1-5 levels later.
You completely misunderstood my point... I'm not saying don't play or don't hit 55. My point was don't que up for heroics the second you ding 55 in quest greens/blues. this game is about 90% gear and 10% skill based. you need to raise your gear level up to a certain point in order to be successful in the HARDModes. you can't just dive on in undergeared and expect to be carried all the time.

gearing in this game is easy and only takes a week or two; do your work and properly gear yourself. Don't expect others to do the work for you
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