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Disclaimer: I PvP and only PvE for lols when we're bored. This is all coming from a PvP perspective.

If you're spamming Dark Heal, you'll be out of force in very short order. Particularly now, force management is what makes sorc healers' skill cap so much higher than op healers' who have absolutely no resource management issues.

Personally, I use DH sparingly - and only use it on either my top DPS or tank (in rateds) when nothing else will keep them up before I get a long cast off. I use it twice with recklessness (not always time to spend a global on Resurgence if you don't already have the buff) and then cast DI to top them off with Mental Alacrity going, then Innervate.

Very much in contrast to pre-2.0, you have to really reserve DH for the "oh ****" moments IMO.
Heyo, thanks for the reply. I have a healy sorc and a healy operative. I, too, PvP almost exclusively. I personally find that it is harder to manage resources on my Operative compared to Sorc, especially if I hot many people up. Don't get me wrong, I think it is A LOT easier to stay alive as an operative, but resource management seems harder on my operative.

Your strategy on when to use DH makes sense to me. Thanks, friend.