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It's undergeared players who are the issue. my full-69 raid healing scoundrel with fully augmented gear and the lvl 72 gloves has 31k health self buffed. when I run a daily or weekly either for fun or to get comms for at this point min-maxing a mod or enhance here or there and I get two dps with 17k health or a tank with 21k health then it's going to be a fail undertaking.

I understand I'm near the top gearwise but how on earth a 55 can have health in the mid teens (my lvl 51 slinger is sitting at 23k health - I will admit to aug'd raid-level gear from vanilla along with a couple classic com purchases) and expect to do a HARDMODE is crazy. they call it 'HARD' in the title of the experience. you can't do HARD with quest greens and blues.

perhaps can carry one dps if i also push dps when not needing to heal - orbital strikes and dots and some pew-pew, but when both dps are woefully undergeared it's a no-chance scenario.. especially bonus bosses. and if i have almost 10k more HP as the healer than the tank has?? no chance at all as I end up heal-aggro and de-facto tanking most of the encounters and that also is failing strat.

the moral of the story: do regulars to gear up. don't ding 55 - que HM's !!!!! if you want a carry join a guild and you can likely organize carry ops/HM's to get you geared.. dont expect pugs to /LFG carry you. it's not all about you
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