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That's another thing they could do! Go back, and match up what the chat wheel says to the actual dialogue. Seriously, a lot of those chat options do not fit between what is written and what is said. :/
Here's another idea: a replay option for companion conversations, like if you wanted to try out different choices, end a romance you discovered you didn't want to get into by avoiding it in the first place, or start a romance where you missed the chance.

They'd probably have to take out affection gains for that, so that players don't just abuse the tool to grind up affection ( or maybe it wouldn't matter?). And it would probably have to tie into the legacy unlock for that companion somehow - so you'd have finished all the conversations first just avoid similar issues like the one I mentioned.

But I'm picturing something where you go into the legacy tab and go to your classes and then click on the portrait of a character, and a menu drops drop with a list of conversations you can replay.

It would be a good way to accommodate players if they pursued the more conversation wheels solution, if they wanted to try out new SGR flirts.

Since there's no affection gain or anything, they wouldn't have to make that a purchase on the cartel market. Although I'm wondering if the situation is comparable to someone playing a character of a certain race to high levels, then wanting to change species with the new customization tool - which does cost cartel money.