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05.03.2013 , 08:25 PM | #19
Another thing is: Basic Gear, does Bioware think people are bothering grinding that gear before reaching lvl 55? Everyone I know only picked the mainhand/offhand and some occasional gear piece, no one cares about basic coms.

Seriously what's the gearing process?
step 1: basic gear
step 2: black market gear
step 3: arkanian gear
step 4: verpine gear
step 5: underworld gear
Not to mention the Campaign/Dread Guard gear

Yeah, not really, Bioware has introduced a useless amount of gear process, that most people, if nt all will never, ever, bother to get.

Like I said, BW could have simply introduced Arkanian/BM gear on FPs, Verpine for OPs SM & Underworld for OPs HM, there simple as that, and simply remove all the useless stuff that no one cares.