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Lastly, I could care less about new players. Honestly, f2p has been a giant pain. I've stopped entering the GF queue unless I'm in a group with most of my guildies. There are too many bad/inexperienced players out there to make it worthwhile to pug (especially with the increase in repair costs).
That's the problem. Inexperienced players could use people that would teach them how to LoS pull, how to fight bossess and such. I don't mind paying repairs for few wipes, just to teach people thing or two. Because having more players, who learn how to play benefits the game as whole.

And there is more problem caused by the "experienced" players in their new great gear. Met few of those today. "Oh, we are in 69, we can steamroll everything. We don't need CC, just AoE" - that pull with two elite droids at Hammer station ended in two wipes, because they didn't bother to LoS pull and CC... Then I had a run with unexperienced players who played smart, listened to advice and learned. And I rather run the stuff with those than with elitists who think that gear > skill.