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05.03.2013 , 04:31 PM | #50
Mando Raiders, boarding party:

Tank: I'll tank the droid.
Me: The droid is nonexistent
*Wipe 1, sage healer facetanking 3 of the 4 all fight.*
Me: Can you keep the bosses off of me so I can heal?
Tank: Sure.
*Wipe 2, sage healer facetanking 2 of the 4 all fight.*

Votekicked him, and he sends me this tell:
"I was using my AoE taunt on you.", followed up with "What do you mean use guard, I can't cast it on myself, only on other people."


*EDIT -- there was a lot more wrong with him than these two pulls, the previous healer bailed or so the DPS told me, and he went on some tirade at me about not giving people a chance to learn their class because I vote kicked him. I calmly told him that if I have to explain the core mechanics of his class to him, then I am just playing for him and he should talk to a more experienced tank or look up guides. He QQ'ed then /ignored me. Nothing of value was lost.
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