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05.03.2013 , 01:23 PM | #16
1) The overall difficulty is fine. I've beaten every boss in the 55 HMs except the bonus boss in Hammer Station, and that is only because I've only drawn that FP once (the GF seems obsessed with putting me in Mando Raiders), and had an undergeared healer. Endgame content should require at least a degree of competence. However, I do think some adjustment is in order.

First, some of the trash pulls need to be adjusted, because random mobs shouldn't be harder than some of the boss fights. There's one pull in Mando Raiders with 5 or 6 of those dogs that I've seen wipe as many groups as any of the bosses, and I think that is a little too much.

Second, I think things should be evened out between mdps and rdps. Currently, a lot of the bosses are much more punishing for mdps than rdps. One of the most popular mechanics seems to involve putting up aoe circles under the boss, which is a major pain for mdps, but doesn't affect rdps at all. I think the mechanics need to be more fair for the different classes.

2) The quality of the drops (BM gear) is fine, but I am getting frustrated with the way it is distributed. I much preferred the unassembled tokens from pre-2.0. For one, they gave you a better chance at getting a drop. Second, since each FP dropped a specific token, you knew which FPs to run to get the gear you needed. For instance, if you needed the chest, you could just run FE until it dropped. When I hit 50, I was in almost full Columi in a week. But now, since I've hit 55, I've only gotten 3 pieces of BM gear from drops in over 2 weeks of running 55 HM FPs. I've gotten as much gear from Elite Comms as from drops, and considering how many FPs you have to run to grind out Elite Comms, that is frustrating.