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Chapter 7

"Attention, Defender corvette, you are trespassing on our territory!"

Jasin stormed into the cockpit. Doc was in the pilot's seat, Kira in the copilot's seat, Rusk at the gunnery station, and T7 was amplifying the shields. Scourge entered behind Jasin and leaned in behind Doc to look out the viewport. Jasin took the captain's seat and activated the comm.

"Unidentified ship, this is Jedi Defender corvette," he said. "How can you claim this as your territory?"

"You were seen inside one of our crashed ships. You have trespassed and you will leave immediately!"


"Or we'll blow you out of space."

"You still haven't identified yourself," Jasin said, his voice dangerously soft. "I don't recognize your authority."

"We are Black Sun," the other voice said.

Jasin remembered. Back when he'd first been a Knight, back on Coruscant, "Doctor" Tarnis had been kidnapped by Black Sun. An officer in the syndicate, a man named Zeer, had been waiting at Coruscant spaceport. Jasin had defeated and captured himľand then gone on to find "Doctor" Tarnis in Black Sun's territory on Coruscant, and found out he was a Sith. There Jasin had been forced to kill the leader of Black Sun himself, Overlord Salarr. The syndicate had been floundering since then; or so it had seemed.

"You are criminals," he said. "You have no jurisdiction."

"Master," Kira said softly. "They're launching starfighters."

"T7, shields up?" he asked.

The droid tootled excitedly, confirming.

"Scourge, you find a seat," Jasin said. "You're no good to me dead. Doc, transfer controls to my station."

"Yes, sir."



"Shoot to kill."

The starfighters shot through the sky, lasers flying. Rusk stuttered the turbolasers, spinning them as he fired, and two starfighters went down. The frigate blocking their passage opened fire. The shields rocked, and Jasin winced.

"T7!" he shouted. "Amplify the forward shields, we're plowing through!"

The droid squealed in horror, but complied. A starfighter headed straight for them on a collision courseľand suddenly exploded for no reason. Rusk's shots had been going the other way.

"What...?" Jasin asked.

Scourge's eyes were half-closed, and he was shuddering in effort. Jasin realized he had used the Force to squeeze the fuel lines until they exploded. Jasin narrowed his eyes.

"Would you rather have died," Scourge interrupted before Jasin could say anything, "because if so, I can stop helping right now and head for the escape pod. Surely I can find others to ensure the Emperor doesn't return."

Jasin's blood ran cold. It was a side of Scourge he'd never seen before. He nodded.

"All right," he said.

They shot over the frigate, and Jasin unleashed torpedoes as they did. Then he immediately pulled the hyperspace lever. They shot into the swirling blue void as the frigate exploded.

"I think," Jasin observed, "we have a problem."