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I do, it's the only way, I hope you guys don't think I wasn't capable of clearing those fp's, I had the Warstalker title way before 2.0, it's just that a lot of players, I repeat, A LOT OF PLAYERS, simply can't run a lvl 55 FP, even when you o explain to them step by step what to do.

And about the quality of the gear, BM is enough? Maybe, but why do I feel it's a retrograde? Maybe because pre-2.0 HM FPs dropped gear set bonuses, and now, in these lvl 55, you don't get gear with set bonuses. Some people don't care, like most of the posters here, but I do, simple as that.
Players = People and People = mostly idiots. So obviously there will be PUGs that can't do an HM FP.

With a few exceptions, the set bonus isn't really all that great anyways. If you are really concerned about them you can upgrade armorings last. In at least one instance you can get a 30% bonus to AOE healing by combining old set bonuses with the new ones.
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