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The point of world bosses with timers on them is so that there is a challenge to them... of course, now they're going to the once-weekly world boss format (which I'm fine with), but nothing was better than seeing three guilds go at Nightmare Pilgrim to see who could down him first, and the sad expression of the other two as they walked away sad.
see you guys are giving up way to easily, what you need to do ( and this works for all the world boss's ) is suppose youre waiting there for a group to arrive, and "out of nowere" a 55 or another faction shows up and takes the boss first! omg it's the end of the world its not fair..... yadda yadda , yadda. organize your tanks together or any other members of your group that have a taunt and just taunt the boss away from the (soloing 55, or the other faction group) until he gets far enough away to 'evade'. once he evades whoever gets to him first will get the credit for the kill. Against another group it can be a pain if they are organized, but against a single player you should have no problem holding aggro against him/her, and killing the boss. heck they may not even realize that they're locked out of the boss and might even help you out in killing it.

Basically i'm saying that it's an open world event, use open world tactics to deal with it. There's more that can be done to overcome obstacle then complain about it. Oh btw if your just standing infront of a boss, mob, terminal it doesn't make it yours. It's only "yours" when your actually using it.