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I'm all for options though! In fact, having read posts, I'm actually for the idea of herosexual now.
Yeah, after reading in other threads comments about the disparity in having to pay versus having it available, it's a good point. But tricky to implement. I like the idea of going back in and adding more conversation options on the wheel, if they have prerecorded lines already for some SGR that just didn't make it into the final, that might actually be workable. And there's even other benefits, like there's been times that the ONLY positive response in a conversation is a flirt, when the platonic option that the other gender gives would be more in character.

Might depend on the programming how doable that is though. Don't know if the game is restricted to those three options for any reason, and would blow up if they tried to change the code. Or if they'd have to do anything with the graphics, though changing a graphic interface is probably easier than the recoding issue.