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Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
Well PvPers never went to an outside source to get attention for the changes to their PvP game. Those complaining about Revan's Robe never went to an outside source to get attention for how wrong it is.

Some in favor of SGR, however, did.

So why is it, PvPers and Lore Buffs could keep it TOR related areas, and proponents for SGR couldn't?
Mmm...english isn't my first language and I have to admit that I have troubles understanding what you are meaning with this post. Anyway, run around the pvp forums a little and you pretty soon find posts where "this works like this in this game and it should work like this in TOR, too"-posts. If that is not what you meant, then I lost you somewhere during that post.

Also, the fact that someone "went to an outside source" doesn't justify telling everyone interested in the future of SGR to shut up. It's like saying that all pvp players are rude because you met one person who started raging at a warzone.