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05.03.2013 , 09:38 AM | #45
ran into a guardian tank, in dps stance, dps gear, needed on EVERYTHING even the green trash loot that drops, didn't respond to any tells or groupchat. Tried to pull the entire room on 3rd boss of Esseles then pull the boss, FYI this was 50 HM. His gear was a mix of greens blues and purples, some had aim stat some had cunning, you get the picture.

Pulled the entire room then the boss. THEN the amazing happend, he acctually typed in group chat IN CAPS( a good lulz to me and my group) and said he was leaving because we sucked since he died immediately then we finished the room adds, WHILE THE BOSS was attacking us, and didn't rez him till after the fight and all 3 of us NEEDED on all the loot that dropped. We finished the encounter with my qyzen tanking which was SOO MUCH easier to heal lol.

Henceforth this person has been /ignored by just about everyone on shadowlands who has been unlucky enough to run groupfinder and find this person in your group. I imagine he /unsubbed.