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People think of it as a petition thread, rather than what it actually is: an organic discussion that has to actively be steered back to the main topic when we get too bogged down in, say, the (misogynistic) biological imperative present in pretty much every companion storyline, wherein it's assumed that every female character's dream goal is to become a baby factory.
I would agree that the SGR experiment in this expansion is only a start, and that the situation probably won't really be fair until people have actual companion options instead of just flirt options. I'm honestly thinking new companions, though, instead of converting the old companions, unless Bioware can make it believable that they were bisexual all along.

Also, urgh, right on the baby factory thing. v_v I haven't finished any of the romances yet, but I've heard that both the male romance options and the female options kind of all get into the babies, and it's like, where in the narrative did the three dimensional character with all these nuances and interests go? I'm actually hoping that if companion stories ever get expanded, the writers will find ways for their particular interests to dovetail into the player character's style and class missions. I'd like to see more focus on the personalities, less focus on some checklist of life milestones.