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You really don't get it do you?

Even the post you linked says:
"The implication here is that Double Strike/Thrash usage only happens when regeneration spikes (due to an unexpected burst of m/r attacks)."
Which basically says that his Thrash-less rotation still uses Double Strike/Thrash.

But like I said, please go look at what people actually did.

The post you linked was from November 2012.

Here is a post from December 2012 (which, in case I need to spell it out to you, is a time AFTER the post you linked) from that very same person, and if you look at the combat logs he linked, they very clearly show that he is using Double Strike.

So much for that never using it at all.
Again, you're confusing what people actually do with what is optimal. You didn't make the comment that "all the cool kids use thrash." You said using thrash is optimal. Which was a factually incorrect statement until 2.0. Some tanks also used maul pre-2.0 (as the thread you linked indicates). That certainly wasn't optimal, but I guess your herd mentality thinks it ok. Go ahead and take solace in the fact that other people were doing it wrong to. Also if you look at kbn's logs, he wasn't using ds in his normal rotation. He only used it when there were breaks in action... or when kephess was downed by a pillar. ...but i wouldn't expect a sheep to understand those nuances.