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I just don't get these people. You ever looked at the pvp forums? "This is OP, no that is OP, nerf this, nerf that, nerf nerf nerf, l2p it doesn't need a nerf, why my class got nerfed". I think there's more posts whining about Revan's set and how wrong people think it is than posts whining about the lack (or too much of it) SGR. So why do all those other people have the right to discuss the things they think are wrong in this game, but we don't? O.o
Well PvPers never went to an outside source to get attention for the changes to their PvP game. Those complaining about Revan's Robe never went to an outside source to get attention for how wrong it is.

Some in favor of SGR, however, did.

So why is it, PvPers and Lore Buffs could keep it TOR related areas, and proponents for SGR couldn't?
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