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05.03.2013 , 07:34 AM | #11
First of all, HM means Hard Mode. HARD mode. It's always funny when someone asks to nerf HM/NiM fp/operation.
Then you say about gear requirements. The flashpoints can be done in 61/63 mix or even 58s if you're good enough. 50 lvl flashpoints ans operations drops 61/63 gear( and groups almost always contain 90 % 55 lvls so it it is walk in the park). Not to mention you can buy 1-2 66 gear pieces when you complete Makeb.
Loot is not that good but well... It's almost same system as pre 2.0. You was getting full tionese set at the start and all bosses except last one were dropping tionese or even worse. Only last boss was dropping Columi. Now we have bonus boss and last drops Black Market.
And last but not the least. After 2-3 completing these flashpoints become too easy. And now you are asking to make them even easier?