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Completely thrashless rotation was not optimal as this rotation used less force than you could regain, allowing you to sometimes, maybe not often, but sometimes (when high enough on force, which could happen when there are a lot of attacks to be dodged/shielded), use thrash instead of saber strike. That post is kind of old. Try seeing what people did in 1.7
lol...did you even read the post? "As you can see, DS is literally never used (within the bounds of rounding error)." (DS = double strike/thrash). "I'm still not entirely sold on the "thrash-less" rotation. However, it is categorically undeniable that it provides the best survivability." KeyboardNinja always provides sound math to back up his claims. All you've done is run off at the mouth.
1.7 didn't alter force costs....thanks again for playing.