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I kinda understand what Bioware had in mid when they released those lvl 55 fp's, they probably thought: "hey most of our players are columi/BH geared so let's give them a good challenge!", good idea... in theory.

See, the problem is the new players, you see, most of them, the first thing they want to do is reaching lvl 55, and since it's so easy to reach it by only doing planetary quests they probably didn't bother doing (and probably never will) our beloved lvl 50 fp's to gear up properly. So what do you see? Pugs in lvl 55 fp's. What happens? lots of wipes followed by trashtalk and ragequitting...

There is another problem: the quality of the loot.
It's bad, a couple of Black Market gear, some crappy blue mods bracers for such hard instances? Meh.

In my opinion lvl 55 flashpoints should have their difficulty toned down so everyone, especially the new players, could enjoy them, and, like pre-2.0 when drops were columi (set bonuses armors), the loot should be arkanian gear.

And ibf L2P UURR DUUR, the goal is to bring new players and introduce them properly for high lvl content, flashpoints should be like the beginner's step to that direction, and not a 4 man operation raid.

Remember Bioware, you want to attract customers, even the noobiest ones, not scare them away, this is Star Wars, not Eve online.
Really? Do we really need another QQ thread from someone that thinks 55 HM FP's are too friggin hard?
You're crying that they drop Black Market loot,correct? Newsflash!: If you're in full/mostly Black Market gear, then you're overgeared for these 55 HM FP's!!!
Man up and L2P, they are not hard..... you just can't expect to faceroll them like you were doing in Boarding Party.