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Maybe he felt like there's no need for any tactics on trash. I wouldn't be so bold to do that in ops, but in FPs, when I know it will make zero difference, I'll pull before tank without thinking twice.
Zero difference to you, irrespective of whether the tank and healer are having a hard time? You're playing in a group with set roles. It's extremely arrogant/ignorant to make the assumption that everyone's happy with you pulling.

I'm becoming less and less tolerant of DPS who chain pull. I don't mind the occasional pull but those who do it constantly deserve to be left to die. Believe me, it's not much fun chasing DPS who are chain pulling, trying to snatch aggro off them because they're impatient.

Quote: Originally Posted by zzoorrzz View Post
Then you were too slow in pulling, that's why it happened. Sure take your time before boss, but dont stand around before every pack, possibly asking "rdy?"
The tank dictates the pace. Don't like it? Enjoy queueing for another hour. I've seen DPS with this attitude running ahead pulling mobs with the tank still at low health and the healer's resource pool depleted. By all means, play how you like but don't start posting "where are all the tank?" threads on here when half your server has you on ignore. Your choice.