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05.03.2013 , 04:38 AM | #2
No! Absolutly not.

Enough with the requests for nerfs already, pretty soon you will have noone to play with except casual cluelss players because the good ones will leave out of boredom.

If players are not properly gearing up for lvel 55 HM flashpoints it's their own fault, the recommended item rating is 148. This means most players should be able to do them with 148 rating gear, more skilled players with worse gear, and less skilled with better.

The reason people are wiping on flashpoints now is because they have ran the old level 50 hard mode flashpoints way overgeared for months. Noone uses CC, trash pulls aren't properly tanked, kill orders and tactics are nowhere to be heard of.

Also there is absolutly no reason to drop Arkanian gear on flashpoints because you do not need it to complete story mode operations, which actually drop Arkanian. You are asking to skip gear progression. Basically:
  • If you only run flashpoints and never set foot on story mode operations you shouldn't have nor need Arkanian gear.
  • If you only run story mode operations and never set foot on hard mode operations you shouldn't have nor need Underworld gear.

Back in my day games had difficulty modes (Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare) Players chose the mode that matched their skill and didn't complain. Hard modes were indeed hard and some nightmare modes were pretty much unbeatable with only a handful of people in the world got through them.
Nowadays people think that if they can't do some nightmare mode operation then it requires a nerf. It doesn't! From the moment someone clears it then it is doable. If others can't match the achievement the problema is them, not the game.

Stop trivializing achievements in game by making sure everyone can do them.