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I just don't get these people. You ever looked at the pvp forums? "This is OP, no that is OP, nerf this, nerf that, nerf nerf nerf, l2p it doesn't need a nerf, why my class got nerfed". I think there's more posts whining about Revan's set and how wrong people think it is than posts whining about the lack (or too much of it) SGR. So why do all those other people have the right to discuss the things they think are wrong in this game, but we don't? O.o
Because, like, gawd, stories aren't real. *flips hair* PvP is totally important, like, it's EVERYTHING, y'know? And, like, Raven's set? Sooooo important. I mean, it's like, in the stories that it's supposed to be, like, this one and now it's, like y'know, not? And that's really bad because then how am I supposed to dress up my Raven?

Gawd, it's like you don't know anything. Do you even MMO?


Ow, that actually hurt. In all honesty, though, a lot of the forumites seem to think that because this is a "hot button topic" they have every right to come in and denounce and insult those who enjoy story content. Also, because the SGRA discussion thread has been remade so many times (I believe the current one may be the sixth or seventh) that the topic itself is "done", even though it's clear Bioware still has no idea what it's doing on the subject. And there is of course the fact that the SGRA threads themselves are safe places for the discussion of gender stereotypes and representation in-game as well as the nature and scripting of romances, existing or projected. It has since become our "controversial catch-call" topic, rather than merely being limited to saying "I would like man-love with Vector, plz", but of course most people don't know that. People think of it as a petition thread, rather than what it actually is: an organic discussion that has to actively be steered back to the main topic when we get too bogged down in, say, the (misogynistic) biological imperative present in pretty much every companion storyline, wherein it's assumed that every female character's dream goal is to become a baby factory.