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On monday I had the following hilarious PUG encounter:

I was playing my tertiary healer char, a lvl 52 commando healer. I listed as healer only, as I got not a single piece of DD equipment. The group was formed almost instantly.

We got battle of ilum and after exchanging a few "hellos" we went on. Assigned tank was a jedi-guardian.

On the first pull already, I noticed that this would be a piece of work, as the tank was holding aggro of exactly one mob... the one he was slashing at. As I was keeping him alive, all other mobs naturally turned to me.

On the first boss, we wiped twice and one of the DD had to go afk for 5 mins... I took that time to inspect the tank a bit. His equipment seemed alright, even though it was leaning on the DD side much more than on tanking, but at lvl 55 he should have been a suitable tank anyway.

Then I took a look at the active buffs and saw the DD-stance on... so the following conversation arised:

Me: "Shouldn't you be in Soresu-stance for tanking ?"
Tank: "I am more a DD than a tank. It will work alright."
Me: "But you are the assigned tank for this FP. Did you skill tank at all ?"
Tank: "No, I am fully DD skilled."
Me: "Then why did you list as a tank ?"
Tank: "Goes faster. If I only list as DD, it takes ages to find a group."
Me: "okay, doesn't matter much, but please switch to Soresu at least, you don't need to reskill for that."
Tank: "Nah, I will pull to much aggro then."
Me: "But that is your job as a tank !"
Tank: "I do not like it, if many mobs hit on me."
Me and DD: "Switch on soresu stance, you are the tank !!!"
Tank: "But then I won't do any damage !"
Me and DD: "So what, you are the tank good heaven, the DDs are doing damage !"

He then still refused to change stance for the next fight, which was another wipe, then we told him to either switch stance or ****... he switched and we did not get into any danger for the rest of the encounter.
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