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05.02.2013 , 08:12 PM | #72
my question is to the pvers is this: If you have to Gear Grind end game content to move up and progress, why in the world would it be so hard for you dorks to understand that its the same in PVP? I mean really if I spend all my levels PVPing then I am gonna know my character inside out, and how to fight every other character class as well. so if I see you in open world and Gank/jump you and murder you, its not cause of my gear its cause you need to L2P. Same as if I join your guild run and ask how do I fight this mob...L2P...right? If you are getting slammed in PVP its cause you don't know how to play your character, and that smashing teaches you how to get smashed the next time. L2P and stop qqing about gear