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If you're answering a question in general chat that could be considered a "spoiler" then you can easily answer the question by sending a whisper to the person asking the question rather than broadcasting the answer in general chat.

They can't really do that. Makeb isn't a class quest. There are people who leveled to 50 and never finished their class quest and didn't really care that they didn't finish it. You couldn't tell people who bought ROTHC and were at level 50 that they couldn't do any of the ROTHC content unless they finished their class quest. If a few people don't pay attention and start up the Makeb questline before their class story is finished, then so be it....but that's better than gating the content.
that's all well and good but does nothing to answer what I asked. Of course you could have done that. I'm asking what their stance is on spoiler's that are (inadvertantly or not) mentioned in general chat in game.

Sometimes people ask a question that can't be answered without a spoiler...and sometimes, without thinking, you answer something you know the answer too without giving it a second thought. That doesn't make that person bad at was unintentional. Course it's also done intentionally as well..and those guys are jerks...but still. Most people don't stop and consider whether it's a spoiler or not when they see something asked....someone asks..they see it..know the answer..respond..and just go about doing what they're harm was meant..they were trying to be helpful.

understand now?