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so, you saying conqeror with absorb and conqueror with def is no no, but if one of them is arkanian or underworld, than it is working?
No no no
Both the defense and absorb relic regardless of PvP or pve , conq or partisan will stack together they do not share a icd but they proc from different effects

All pve relics do not work at all in PvP - they will never proc in any PvP zone

Conq + partisan if the same exact type will stack but not double partisan or double conq

For tanks having two relics that boost the same stat is detrimental even with separate ICDs
Because unlike power relic defense and absorb relics are effected by deminishing returns, Ex: if two absorb relics proc at the same time the second relic's boost is wasted because of how far your absorb rating is pushed into the DR curve

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