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12.21.2011 , 01:19 PM | #19
I don't get it, you have the option to skip story in any flashpoint. Where's my option to add story to all these boring as hell flashpoints? It doesn't exist, that's kind of mean, make sure no one can enjoy a story because after the 10th time it got a tad dull, makes perfect sense.

Honestly if you're actually running a flashpoint so often the story gets tedious, perhaps run it with a pre-made who will skip, or go do something else to level up. Given the leveling speed does level 15 loot really matter? Oh no you spent the 3 hours leveling 15-20 in greens vs purples, oh the horror.

Flashpoints where sold as story areas, not useless grind dungeons, I actually kind of figured heroics would be that. I guess they figured they'd just bait and switch with the flashpoints since it gets so much better press coverage showing off taral V and esseles rather than telling the truth and showing off hammer station, athiss, raiders, etc which are in fact the majority of the flashpoints.