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05.02.2013 , 12:53 PM | #264
-!!! Replayable Class story and Companion conversations !!! (without huge rewards maybe with scaled instances something like Char story heroic mode)

-Companion customization (could be implemented as a part of the barber shop in wich you change the appearance of your companion and create an item like "Charname's" "Companionname" customization number
-eric's Ashara customization 3 (in this case it would be the third wich -eric created for Ashara)
-change other gear into adaptive orange gear (cartel market item wich lets you change an armor into adaptive armor)
-dyeable CE store armors and lore gear.
-appereance tabs
-Pazaak, Sabbac, Swoopracing (i think it fits better than podracing).