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Is there some law being violated here? People are constantly whining that the community team doesn't post 100 times a day and now you're giving them a hard time for trying to be more engaging with the community? They are the "community" team, not your personal team.
While Alec was probably joking, I think most people get huffy with Ms. Green and the rest of the team for not answering the "right" or "important" questions - two things that are highly subjective. So if, for the sake of argument, Ms. Green had a long Q&A session with the Crafters about the madness they're experiencing, you'd probably see a number of PvP'ers decrying her for not having a Q&A session on the bolster.

And then when they try to engage the Community on "fun" topics (something that was mentioned several months back) to make the forums seem more alive and the team more involved with the Community, people get angry because they assume that we aren't being taken seriously

That being said, I would like to see some interaction on the SGRA topic, but I'll have to assume it's off limits until Mr. Hickman dismounts from his hippogriff and drinks of ambrosia for the required enlightenment.