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Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Fortescue View Post
What's up with cm answering personal questions? We're dying in suspense to hear about 2.1
Is there some law being violated here? People are constantly whining that the community team doesn't post 100 times a day and now you're giving them a hard time for trying to be more engaging with the community? They are the "community" team, not your personal team.

Also, the community team is not the development team. They pass along information from the development team when they are authorized to do so. If they had information they were authorized to share with us, then they'd share it with us. I'd venture a guess that 2.1 has not been completely finalized which means the devs aren't going to release every single detail about 2.1 right now because people will have heart attacks if anything announced now is changed in the slightest way before 2.1 launches. They have released a significant amount of information through the Q&A's with the fansites. Obviously, more info will come at some point. But we have the basics.