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You've all noticed it. You may have asked yourselves, why doesn't he capitalize his name? Who does he think he is?! Is he a hipster, man child, or troll? Does he just not give a #$%@ !?

Well, what ever his reason is. (This petition may be removed if there is good one) It's high time that Eric is forced to capitalize his signature. I know I'm not alone in this. Please support this petition, whether you are a grammar Nazi, troglodyte, bigot, constipated, troll, have OCD, respect common courtesy, have a shred of decency, or perpetually wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Please sign if the lowercase "e" bugs you to!
Who made you enforcer of forum grammar?

But hey.. you need to be consistent. I find your spelling of Frostbyte disturbing. Please petition yourself to change it.
"The internet has enabled so much and empowered so many. But it can also be a place where the basic rules of decency are suspended and pettiness and negativity thrive, - Tim Cook, Apple CEO