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05.02.2013 , 09:15 AM | #16
hmm.. just this week?

- Guardian with all kinds of mainstat on his gear (Aim, Cunning, Willpower) and a sage set-bonus (yes, a healer one.)
- Sorcerer aggressively saying 'bet you scum don't even know the tactics before entering' before we finished the first conversation in Black Talon, I hope to god he was a troll. Ofcourse he died to the Jedi Boss in the end.
- 2 Tanks in a row standing in AoE, very visual AoE (Black Talon, Fishy-boss and LI, Lorrick,) the last one winning a special price for flaming the DPS non-stop while amessing an impressive stack of 20+ Pink-stuff even with me cleansing whenever I wasn't maintaining my Kolto Probes. Highest was 42 stacks after a rez which I spotted the second he re-engaged Lorrick. Since it was pre-55 HM Flashpoints this simply gave me a lot of joy and challange healing the group (ok dodge-rolling the crap away from 3-hit-me-Lorrick,) so very entertaining.

The less entertaining ones;
- Person perma whisper flaming me for dc'ing. After he dc'd himself he left the instance and group, but continued saying I shouldn't queue if I'm going to dc... I wish I could predict it. His language was also quite vile...
- The brave guy jumping on Toth with 14k health before the team was there, without knowing the tactics. It turned out no-one but me knew the tactics since the other tank happily pounced Toth with 6 DPS following him while I desperately tried to keep Zorn 30m away from Toth while still healing my team with our other healer AFK (which was said in chat.) Brave Guy jumping Toth even had ops luitenant for a /RC. Toth died fast, have to hand that to my team, I stealth out and the other tank luckily takes Zorn after Brave Guy got 1-hit (Red Glowing Zorn is a beast.)
- Soon after tanking Zorn, my little operative got the honour of also tanking Stormcaller, whilst having field duty, whilst basicly taking over all of Stormcaller's tank duties since it was a bit too confusion for the team, including running around in the field during defensive systems, ouch, EC has such complicated tactics! Oh, wait ^^ It went well until Firebrand died, ouch.

Haven't tried my groupfinder luck since then. Though I sure do attract the odd teams. How-ever I do seem to attract extremes, either people are very inexperienced and not too friendly or very eager to learn and quick learners / already damn amazing. I love the last 2 options. Anyone else get the smile on their faces when somebody says 'I've never done this before, please tell me anything I need to know.' Those people! <3