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In reality if someone is kicking you do you just lie there and let them keep on kicking you? Perhaps, but I choose to fight back and try to stop them from kicking me.
Dude.. How is that even relevant to anything.. Nobody is kicking me.. Bioware has done nothing wrong!! What they said before F2P is for the most part irrelevant.. They changed to an entirely different business model.. How they do things is going to be different.. Either deal with it or move on!! But it isn't going to change anything..

If you think Bioware is kicking you, then please.. By all means.. Cancel your subscription and move on to another game.. Seriously.. You strike me as someone that just wants to have a pity party.. You will look for anything to sit and whine about.. If you can't comprehend the impact of going F2P had on this game.. Then perhaps you should listen to the people that can..
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