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Makeb was only made an expansion when F2P was announced. Before then it was always planned to be a free update. But seems people have short memories, or weren't in the game when it started.
And see that fact is largely irrelevant.. F2P was a game changer.. If you can't understand that then, again, that is your problem..

Other than knowing that Makeb was being worked on.. I never heard them specifically say it would be free.. Me personally.. I always assumed that something as big as a new planet would always be an expansion.. Sorry you didn't share that obviously correct assumption..

Feel free to show where they ever said that Makeb would be free.. I know that it was debated here on the forums.. But you can't believe everything you read on the forums...

Let's assume they did say it... Again... F2P was a game changer.. If you are not smart enough to understand that then I can't help you.. I have no problem paying $10 for the expansion.. I don't feel my privileges as a subscriber have been violated.. I feel that for what it was.. It was worth the $10 dollars.. I am really enjoying the seeker droid and the macrobinoculars.. It is a nice change of pace to just dig stuff up.. I have got some nice stuff from that..

If you want to sit here and cry about it then do as you wish.. Bioware has done nothing wrong.. I am just sad that people doesn't seem to understand how F2P impacted this game.. Everyone screamed for it.. Well.. Now they have to live with the consequences of getting it.. What is the old saying?? Be careful what you wish for?? You may not like what you get?? Well.. F2P changed everything.. People need to deal with that..
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