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05.02.2013 , 04:19 AM | #1222
Key thing here is that an Expansion while in essence is a game update its called and sold as an expansion not game update

A game update is basically anything new they add at the max level so your looking at the denova patch the section x patch and the upcomming 2.1 update

While they are giving subs free cartel coins we cant say diddly squat about not getting something out of the cartel market for free, yes you may have to save up a couple months for some things but if you want something NOW!!!! then your gonna have to dig into your pocket which is YOUR choice

Im on the fence about paying for an expansion in a F2P game but i would buy a hutt cartel mini expansion for that price when ever one drops as compared to none f2p games it was a quality product and worth the money it cost me

As for my sub i want to raid bleeding edge content with my guild and get all the gear that i work hard for hell yes its worth my bucks, if your a loner or scrub who wants to raid crappy story modes and never progress into anything challanging shut up whining buy your unlocks and go prefered then we dont have to listen to that horse crap comming out of that hole of yours