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05.02.2013 , 12:03 AM | #32

I am a shadow tank who playes both pve and pvp.

When it comes to pve and i need to choose between endurance and mitigation, there is not much doubt for me that i choose mitigation. So in pve gear full 69 augmented i'm standing around 2100 points and around 37.5 k hp. Until i can further optimize.

In pvp gear full partizan not augmented i am standing around 1200 points with 2018 expertise. What i wonder do i choose the same path like in pve or i stack endurance with the new purple 66 augments what will bring me above 39k hp.

Would love to have your opinion on this subject.

And KBN , me and the rest of the tanks in our guild very thankful for your efforts and appreciated it a lot.