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05.01.2013 , 04:13 PM | #9
What the hell is going on with Scavenging? I get a 450 mission and it only comes back with that damned useless Hollinium, I have 400 pieces of Hollinium that are worthless. They said they were going to raise the price to compensate us, but that didn't happen. Also still getting massive amounts of stupid Viral Residue with Bioanalysis, of course a 99 stack of that worthless mat is only worth 7k. Archeology is only the only thing that seems to working a little better getting lots of Carbonic crystals. Of course since the patch I am only criting on Treasure Hunting and Slicing once every four days. Before the patch I was getting a good yield of Mytag crystals and criting on Slicing even though it was only giving 1 to 2 thermal regulators.

Sorry for the rant, but since 2.0 crew skills frustrated me to point of madness.
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